“A group of the future”. -Oregonian entertainment reviewer Kyle O’Brien

Groove Revelation began in Portland over 20 years ago during a brief but awesome acid jazz explosion. It features all original compositions that are influenced by music from all over the world with a heavy emphasis on improvisation, jazz, and funk.


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For over twenty years Groove Revelation has focused on the creation and performance of original music that defies description. Here is a sampling of what critics and writers have shared over that time:

“The band is admired by local jazz lovers for its music that’s fresh, dynamic and deep.” -Oregonian entertainment writer Robin Roth

 “…they’re playing original music that’s avant-garde and well thought out.” -Portland jazz guitar legend Dan Balmer

“Groove Revelation is a fine tuned live band earning props from all corners of the local music scene.” -Oregonian entertainment writer Ethan Machado